Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cute Video

America's Got Talent: Juanito Sings Beautiful Girls

Halo CE Demo.

Here Is a link to download the demo setup for Halo CE.You must Purchase Halo 2.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The best games ever : HALO

Halo: It is the beginning of the series and it is very fun but yet simple it is for XBOX.

Halo 2: It becomes harder but now your also on the covanent side this time as well as on the good side. Halo 2 has harder enemies more vehicles and alot more fun than Halo. It is for XBOX.

Halo 3: It is the best halo game yet it is very awesome there is more vehicles
and the enemies are harder it is still very fun This game is for XBOX 360.

There is also a rumor of Halo 4 coming out for Xbox 360.

halo combat evolved info bar

HALO combat evolved info:

This info page is all about covenant and the master chief and all the information About Halo Combat Evolved. Enjoy!

Halo weapons:

Human Weapons

Rocket Launcher

Assault rifle


Sniper rifle


Covenant Weapons


Fuel rod gun (Covenant Only 4 HCE)

Plasma sword (Covenant Only 4 HCE)

Gun turret (stationary weapon)

Plasma pistol

Plasma Rifle

Human Vehicles:

Warthog SUV

Scorpion tank

Covenant Vehicles:

Ghost hovercraft

Banshee helicopter

Bad Guys:



Elites/Elite Commanders




Infection Flood

Combat flood ( mutated covenant or marines )

Carrier Flood

Halo Tools:

Active Camouflage

Over Shield

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cool Mepis games

1. childs play which is all a mixture of games like word pac man and memory
2. Super Tux which is just like Super Mario
3. Abuse which is a shoot em' down game
4. Tux Paint which is also for Windows
5. Gold Runner which is a guy who runs around and gets REALLY RICH!